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Vizelex ND Throttle Adapter (Nikon G – MFT)


The Vizelex Pro ND Throttle Lens Mount Adapter for Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camerafrom FotodioX allows a Nikon F-mount lens to be used with a Sony E-mount camera and features a built-in, variable neutral-density filter. This filter has a 2 to 1,000x filter factor that provides a 1 to 10 stop exposure reduction. While recording video with a CCD or CMOS camera, this adapter’s variable neutral-density filter can help maintain proper exposure by compensating for increased light levels after widening an installed camera lens’s iris to obtain a narrower depth-of-field.


Camera Mount: Sony E
Lens Mount: Nikon F

Dimensions: ø: 2.5 x D: 1.8″ / ø: 6.3 x D: 4.4 cm
Weight: 7.0 oz / 198.4 g

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